This is our first time making the mini pony pad.  Here we have the lovely Lizzie with her mini, ‘Patriot’ wearing the ‘Camouflage ‘ saddle pad.  Look at that smile (Lizzie) and that belly (Patriot).  They tie for cuteness!!  🙂

DECEMBER 10 will be here before you know it on deadline for CUSTOM ORDERS!!


 I will be taking orders until DECEMBER 10th. Use checkbox filters to search on key words if you are looking for something specific. Ready made saddle pads can be ordered up to 12/20/2017 and ALL pads are mailed priority (1-3 business days). We have over 100 completed saddle pads ready to ship.  Check daily as more are constantly being added. Take a look!! on Ready to Ship! tab 🙂

But wait, there’s ,more! :)

Just contact us! 🙂

Red Kaleidoscope
Mint Chocolate Stripes
Red and Navy Plaid (with wine trim)
Red and Navy Plaid (with blue trim)
Brick and Olive Plaid (with wine trim)
Brick and Olive Plaid (with hunter trim)
Autumn Leaves II
Red Paisley
Out West Geckos Black
Glitter and Gold
Geometric Flowers

More new saddle pads ready to ship!

Just contact us! 🙂

Purple Spiders
Halloween I
Halloween Circles
Gray Spiders
Golden Autumn (goldenrod trim)
Pastel Blocks on Black
Foxes on Gray
Festival Dandelions
Abstract Squares
Forest Fellow Foxes Nature
isney Finding Dory Characters & Coral Dark Teal (teal trim)
Stargazers Space Dust
Big Blue Floral
Marble Swirl
Pink Camo

She wears is well!

Thanks for the shout-out, Redribbon_Mare! 🙂

@redribbon_mare loves her Finding Dory saddle pad! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy it! ❤️we love seeing your horses modeling their saddle pads.

redribbon_mareHere’s a close up of my@catscustomsaddlepads pad I got 😍😍😍😍 she has another one on her instapage with different colored trim! We could totally match 😍 plus I got some blue polos to match dory today! And on top of that my barn is having a Halloween Gymkhana and I got Freya’s costume all set! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 who wants to guess what we’re going as !