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  1. Hi im shelly and aprils friend. They are at my barn and told me about you. Im interested in a few pads but they have to be dressage size wondering if u are able to do
    1. With lady bugs all over it what color pad would it look good on? Just white?
    2 super woman
    3 cookie monster or pad with cookies on it with horses name
    4 pad with foxes i see u have the grey any other colors or the fox head in horn?
    How much are they ? Thank u sherri

    1. Hi Sherri! So glad for your interest. 🙂 Dressage size saddle pads are $50. I am going to send you and email with more details and fabrics I have or have found based on the 4 patterns you’ve listed above! Thanks for finding me. p.s. April and Shelly are lovely young ladies! 🙂

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