We have several different sizes and styles of saddle pads.

  • Pony
  • Jumper
  • All Purpose (also do an extra long – 3″ extra)
  • Dressage (2 styles: regular dressage and high withered dressage)
  • Eventing Profile Pad (picture coming soon — but we are making these!!)

To help in determining the sizes, I have provides images for each of the sizes along with the measurements for the 1) spine, 2) the length and 3) the width at its widest.

Eventing Profile Pad– For that sporty look!

Picture coming!

Pony – Good for smaller kids on ponies.






All Purpose – Just a little bit longer on the spine and the widest width measurement and the DEFAULT sized  saddle pad we will be making for pre-made saddle pads.


Compare of the jumper and all purpose saddle pads (jumper in pink):





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  1. Hi, I would like an all purpose saddle pad to be made for me. Is there a way I can send you fabric or share the fabric I would like with you? I also would like some modifications in the lengths shown for the all purpose if possible. Please let me know your thoughts, Thanks!

      1. Hi Gabby! Nice to hear from you! Yes, I can work with a fabric you’ve selected. I sent an email to your gmail address. Check your spam folder in case it’s directed there. I look forward to working with you! 😊 -Cat

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