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Sadly, my old site has been pretty much destroyed in the process of moving to a new hosting company, so I have had to start fresh.  I am pretty sure I lost all my images as well so it may take a while before I can reload pictures.  I am still trying to figure out how to get the similar WordPress theme installed that set up pretty portfolio items but even this has been a challenge.

Please know that I am actively working on this as well as still making saddle pads!  If you have anything that interests you in the meantime, please feel free to contact me at catgarber@yahoo.com.

Thank you, as always, for your interest and support.


Paisleys, Paisleys, Paisleys!


First I would like to thank Oakendale Farm in Bristol, CT and Fox Crossing in Morris, CT for allowing me to set up and sell saddle pads back in October.  Thank you!!

Fox Crossing held their annual Thrills in the Hills fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness on October 23rd.  This is my 4th year participating at this event and being a new member of breast cancer survivors — I was diagnosed a year ago, the day after my attending the 2015 Thrills in the Hills event — I was especially in touch with the cause.  🙂  I am healthy and in remission and able to resume the things I love… one of which is making saddle pads.  I donated 2 for the raffle and set up my tables and sold a few saddle pads.

Oakendale Farm had their horse show the following week and Alison graciously allowed me to set up as well.  Oakendale is home to our horse, Chloe, and Chloe’s human(s). It was so nice to see some familiar faces and some new ones and, again, sell a few saddle pads.  A percentage of sales was donated to the Oakendale Pony Club.

So, to talk about the title of this post….  I have recently noticed that people LOVE paisley!  So do I!! (Just look at my socks!).  I have been on a hunt to find more paisley fabrics as a result, focusing on color themes that many seem to favor as well.  If you are interested in a paisley themed saddle pad and you like these  some of these colors, please contact me!  I hope you are well!!!!

“Purple Teal Paisley”












“Perugina Paisley”













“Paisley Power Green & Blue Paisley”
















“Blue Purple Paisley”

“Blue Purple Paisley”

Slowly but surely…

Hello!  Happy Leap Year!

This is what I have been making in between treatments!  Thank you so much for you patience.  Last full chemo treatment tomorrow and then I am down to non chemo treatments for a year.  But I will have less down time with those!  Enjoy what you see and please feel free to buy any of my stock saddle pads or place an order.  Just inquire and I will get back to you!  Thanks! –cat

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – shown in all purpose (horse) sized.


Blue Retro – shown in all purpose (horse) sized.


Donut Amethyst – shown in pony sized.  Fabric custom printed for client.


Ladybug II – shown in dressage sized.


Camouflage – shown in all purpose (horse) sized.








Long overdue update…

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!  You may have noticed that I have not been… aggressive in promoting saddle pads for Christmas gifts.  I have been taking orders but not actively seeking them.  I have had some recent health news (breast cancer) and have been undergoing chemotherapy.  It’s all good though!  Excellent prognosis but I must go down this road to get myself back to good health.  I have been making saddle pads on my good days which has worked out nicely; 1 week off, 2 weeks on!  I also have about 80 already made saddle pads, so those are always available for sale!

I want to thank everyone for their continued support as well as understanding AND want to wish you all the HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS!!  Please feel free to contact me for anything!!  🙂

Peace, love and happiness!!! 🙂

New saddle pad style!


As you may or may not have noticed, we have a new saddle pad style that we are selling!  It costs $45.  I hope to always have one to display at shows we attend, but these will not be made in advance and sold as stock saddle pads (as our all purpose sized and jumper sized saddle pads are).  But they are always available for order! 🙂


Rainbow of colors…

Just a reminder that we have some ‘old’ and new fabrics available.  About one third, that’s right, only ONE-THIRD, have been made into saddle pads that are available for sale.  Most of what I have displayed here are for sale, although I threw in a few custom order pictures in as well!  Please take a look at the pre-made saddle pads that are for sale.  Most are shown in the all-purpose sized but different sizes and styles can be made.

Holiday’s will be here before you know it… 🙂

Please check out the fabrics page as well to see all the fabrics we have available.


TinyGreenOwls_Finished TimelessTreasureUnicornPink2_Finished TimelessTreasurePatriotic_Finished TimelessTreasureBeach_Finished SummerBreezeIII_Finished StarsOnBlueGlitter2_Finished SpringMeadow_Finished SnoopyPeanutsValentinesDay_Finished SnoopyPeanutsValentine_Finished SmallTurtles_Finished SmallPuzzlePiecesFinished ShimmeringHearts_Finished PolarBearChristmas_Finished PolkaSea_Finished PurpleSquares_Finished RedWhite&BlueFlowers_Finished ReindeerChristmas_Finished PinkDaisy_Finished PerkyPaisley_Finished Peacock_Finished PeaceBeWithYou_Finished PawPrints_Finished_J LittleBrownFlowers_Finished MoonlightOwls_Finished NoelTrees&Snow_Finished PandaAndBambooPetal_Finished LightPinkPaisley_Finished LetUsGiveThanks_Finished HolidayStar_Finished HeartsOnRedGlitter_Finished HolidayStripes_Finished HeartsOnPinkGlitter_Finished HalloweenConfetti_Finished GrinchOnRed_Finished HalloweenVines_Finished_J HalloweenTime_Finished GreySpiders_Finished GreenGrass_Finished HalloweenStripes_Finished HalloweenOwls_Finished_J GoldReindeer_Finished GardenParty2_Finished FallRainbowOwls_Finished EnchantedReverse2_Finished Football_Finished_J FlowersOnBlue_Finished EnchantedReverse_Finished EasterEggs_Finished FlowerBloom2_Finished Fireworks_haze_Finished EasterEggFilledBasketsBlueGlitter_Finished ChristmasSnowmenGreen_Finished CircleAndADot_Finished Cocoa&CookiesFlannel_Finished DoodleDots_Finished Dragonfly_Finished ChristmasPalid_Finished ChocolateStrips_Finished CharlieBrown_Finished CharlieBrown_Finished (2) CandyLand_Finished_P BeachStripes_Finished BlackCatsOnPurpleFinished Blue&PinkZebra_Finished_Rvrb CamouflageWoods_BlueTrim_Finished CandyCanes&Snowflakes_Finished AutumnLeaves_Finished_J AutumnGlowMetallic_Finished ArtGalleryIndianSummer_Finished AngryBirdsChristmas2_Finished AbstractSquares_Finished PeanutsEggHunt22_Finished TimelessTreasureUnicornPink_Finished_Pony2 TimelessTreasuresPatrioticDogs_Finished LadyBugsDressage_Finished HappyBirthday_PonySize_Finished EasterEggs2_Finished BasketOfEasterEggs_Finished

Happy 2015

I know we are little late.  I took the month of January off, did a little traveling and and am back refreshed and ready to get creative!  This post will be dedicated to some of the Christmas orders we made for 2014.  We could not post at the time we were making them or some surprises would have been given away!


Groovy Hearts and Fern Reversible – All Purpose sized

GroovyHearts&Fern1_Reversible_Finished GroovyHearts&Fern2_Reversible_Finished










Chrysanthemum Multi and Springtime Swirl Reversible –  All Purpose sized

ChrysanthamumMultiSpringtimeSwirl2_Reversible_Finished ChrysanthamumMultiSpringtimeSwirl1_Reversible_Finished










Dragonfly and Sage Green Quilt  Reversible – All Purpose sized

DragonflyReversible1Finished DragonflyReversible2Finished









Ninja Turtles – All Purpose sized








Peacock – All Purpose sized










Blue & Purple Paisley – All Purpose sized










Mirage Glitter Marble (2 – matching for coaches) – All Purpose sized











Snowflakes Black & White – All Purpose sized