These are the general prices ranges for size and type of saddle pad.  Prices vary based on customization For example extra long, extra padding or custom printed fabrics.

Horse or Jumper: $45.00
Eventing Profile Pad: $55.00
Pony: $35.00
Dressage: $55.00  Please specify regular or high withered.
Additional $10 for reversible option.
Shipping varies based on location
  • All fleece fabrics are non-pill.
  • Padding is 3/4 inch.  Can also add additional 1/4 inch for extra padding as needed.

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  1. hi i need a saddle pad to fit my endurance saddle it measures 26′ seat length , and 19 by 19 for flap length and width, i can email you pictures if it helps. are you able to make one to fit? thanks

    1. Sending a picture to would be helpful. I could probably make something for you :), I am just not familiar with the saddle. Have you ever found a saddle pad that has worked for your saddle before? If you have, could you please take a pic of that as well or maybe send me the maker so that I can search for one model it after? Otherwise, I can try to figure it out too. Thanks! –cat 🙂

  2. I’d like to buy a high withered dressage pad made with Christmas fabric.
    Do you have the in stock or would it need to be made? How long does it take?
    Thank you,

  3. Hi i am wanting the donut saddle pad (preferably with yellow trim) in a dressage full size, regular withered please. How long does this take to receive, i am located in Perth, WA.


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