Still Alive!!

Hello friends!

I’m sure you’ve noticed it been quiet here… But please know that I am still making saddle pads and plan on updating some of the latest saddle pad (fabrics) we have.

This new job (1 year anniversary on 10/30) consumes my weekday! I have a 2.5 hour commute daily and easily work 50+ hours a week. I am loving this job but saddened by the interruption to what I enjoy so much — making saddle pads.

Quick note, I have raised prices for the first time in 10 years… Have to keep up with the cost of materials which has been increasing but I have tried to absorb to avoid impact to you. Pony pads have been remained the same but all other sizes have increased by $5, effective immediately. I hope you understand:

Horse or Jumper: $45.00
Eventing Profile Pad: $55.00
Pony: $35.00
Dressage: $55.00 Please specify regular or high withered.

I hope you are well and am still actively taking orders!!

Peace, love and happiness -cat

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