Slowly but surely…

Hello!  Happy Leap Year!

This is what I have been making in between treatments!  Thank you so much for you patience.  Last full chemo treatment tomorrow and then I am down to non chemo treatments for a year.  But I will have less down time with those!  Enjoy what you see and please feel free to buy any of my stock saddle pads or place an order.  Just inquire and I will get back to you!  Thanks! –cat

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – shown in all purpose (horse) sized.


Blue Retro – shown in all purpose (horse) sized.


Donut Amethyst – shown in pony sized.  Fabric custom printed for client.


Ladybug II – shown in dressage sized.


Camouflage – shown in all purpose (horse) sized.








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