Holiday fabrics – old and new!


We have some new holiday fabrics that we are happy new announce!  We will also remind you of some of our older ones that we still have available.  We hope you like what you see and please feel free to contact us for questions or requests!  Finshed saddle pads will be posted shortly so that you have an idea of how fabric will be matched with colors on border and straps.  thanks!!!

New fabrics:

WavyStripesChristmas_Fabric TossedPenguins_Fabric SantaGrinchGreen_Fabric ReindeerChristmas_Fabric PrimeSnowflakes_Fabric PolarBearChristmas_Fabric HolidayTreatHorse_Fabric GrinchOnRed_Fabric GoldenOrnaments_Fabric DottedStripeChristmas_Fabric AngryBirdChristmas_Fabric



Older fabrics:

TreeOrnamentsFabric SnowflakesBWAndRedFabric NoelTrees&SnowFabric ChristmasSnowmenGreenFabric RedNosedReindeerFabric SnowflakeCandyFabric SnoopyChristmasFabric MooseFabric HolidayStripesFabric HollyFabric ChristmasGoldFabric ChristmasPlaidFabric CandyCanesFleece CandyCanesAndSnowflakes

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