Boo! We’re back!


Although the website has been quiet, we have been quite busy!  Lots of saddle pads have been made and are for sale.  I am working on getting the latest and greatest completed saddle pads on our website so if you something you like, just let us know.

Also, summer is closing in and before you know it, one of my favorite holidays will be upon us. HALLOWEEN!!  I have added some new Halloween themed fabrics.  You can peruse by:

  1. Selecting the Halloween tags to the right…
  2. Navigating from the menu: Available Fabrics, Seasonal Fabrics, Halloween Fabrics
  3. Following this link! ==>

Here is a quick preview as well:

SpookyOwlsFabric SpookyNightFabric PurpleSpidersFabric2 MoonlightOwlFabric HalloweenTimeFabric2 HalloweenStripesFabric HalloweenOwlsFabric HalloweenIFabric2 HalloweenConfettiFabric GreySpidersFabric CandyCornTriangles CandyCornFabric

If any of these fabrics appeal to you, please contact me at or the Contact section of the website.

Happy Fall!

p.s.  The quarter on the fabric pics are to give you an idea of the size of the print on the fabric.

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