More Seasonal Fabrics!!


We hope everybody’s enjoying the holiday season!!

We have posted some more new fabrics for our next upcoming holidays, Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day.  You can view them by going to the menu item, Available Fabrics, Seasonal Fabrics.  We will be getting more seasonal themed ones as soon as more fabrics become available.


Here are some of our latest saddle pads we have made and delivered!

SnowflakesBW& TanCheetahFinished RedWhite&BlueFlowersFinished MushroomForestFinished Blue&GoldFinished ThaiElephantsFinished RedNosedReindeerFinished

Happy Holidays!! : )

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  1. Hi,

    This is Cathy, Sassy’s owner. Can you send Jen to barn with some examples. Sassy is 15.2 hands.

    I am looking for a regular one in various shades of blue……….

    And then a halloween, Thanksgiving and Xmas.

    Will look at your website.


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