Holiday Orders!! :)



Hello and Happy Holidays!! 🙂


We have been receiving orders for holidays and so far we are able to guarantee a well before Christmas delivery date. 🙂

If you do want to order saddle pads for Christmas gifts, it takes only about 2 days for us to make it and send it, + a day or 2 if there is increased volume on the sewing machine!  However, in order to make the 2-ish day sew-to-ship date, we ask that you select from our available fabrics – because that is what is in stock.  Special order fabrics (ex. collegiate themed saddle pads) I have about a 2 week wait for the fabric to come in.

We can take orders  up to the Dec 16th for mail orders and Dec 19th for local orders that are picked up.

Here are our latest saddle pads that have made their way to horses around the U.S.:

“Florida Gators” (all purpose) shipped to SC:


“Red Nosed Reindeer (all purpose) shipped to GA:


“Camouflage” (all purpose/extra long) and “Fancy Stamps” (jumper) shipped to PA:



If you are interested in a saddle pad, whether for holiday delivery or not, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Form or at

Thanks!! 🙂

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  1. H i’m I am looking to get a holiday collection of pony pads for my daughter. I am interested in Halloween, Christmas, Valentine and fourth of July. Possibly Easter maybe Jellybeans? I saw a couple fabrics I liked but dint see any valentine or Easter stuff. Is there a discount for multiple pads?

  2. I am interested in the all purpose camp, long saddle pad for Christmas. Are you still making them and how much? Thank you valerie

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