First Official Booth


Long time, no speak!  Sorry about that.  Too much stuff going on and not enough hands!!  Anyway.  Jen and I have been busy, busy, busy.

Two weeks ago, I was supposed to unofficially set up a little space to sell some saddle pads.  The location was in Kent CT for an eventing show.  But… the weather was less than friendly.  Jen was entered to compete but she was concerned about the rain and Chloe slipping and getting hurt, or she herself getting hurt.  There was grass turned mud everywhere and it was raining Clydesdales and Percherons!  Jen completed her dressage test, scratched for stadium and would have scratched for cross country, but Kent ended up canceling that phase because of the conditions.  Out of 143 horses scheduled to compete, only 16 horses and riders actually got through the cross country course.  But several horses were slipping at the jumps and the ambulance (as required for all horse events) confirmed that they could not get to the certain area of the fields should they be needed (if a rider falls… and gets hurt).  So they day ended early.

Needless to say, setting up a tent and displaying saddle pads was not going to happen.  Between the wind and rain making a mess of everything and me still a little nervous to be doing this, I decided to pass.  I am fortunate enough to have a loyal and supportive and encouraging following at Oakendale though, and they were enthusiastic about a personal trunk show.  And I was happy to oblige.  Cameron bought the Halloween Spiders and Meredith bought the Halloween Vines.   Julie has claimed (Halloween) Candy Corn.  Kylie got the Pink Camoflauge and Alison the Pink Paisley.  So I felt good about the day! : )

The following day, we went to Arbitrage Tack and dropped off 5 more Halloween themed saddle pads to display and hopefully sell.  We also got the good news that 2 of our saddle pads sold. Woohoo!!  The 2 saddle pads were reversible, so I am wondering if that is going to a favorite for folks.  I’ll try to make a few more reversibles to bring to shows and sell online, just to get a better feel for personal preference.

Ok.  So back to the title of this post.  Tomorrow (which will be today by the time I post this!), we are setting u an official booth at Fox Crossing Jumper show in Morris CT, which is doing a fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness.  Jen, the very sweet and personable PR girl in our little team of 2, contacted the farm and asked if we could donate a couple of saddle pads as well as set up a booth to sell.  The request was very well received.  We are donating 3 saddle pads, 2 of which are special-themed for breast cancer awareness:

Flowers & Pink Ribbons – Jumper size



Pink Ribbons – Jumper sized (Boo stealing the candy…)




We will let Fox Crossing select the 3rd saddle pad they would like to donate.  This is what they can pick from all of which are for sale!!

Blue Owls – Pony size



Rainbow Polka Dots – Jumper sized



Pink Zebra – All Purpose sized



Candy Land – Pony  sized




Sea of Polka Dots – All Purpose sized



Paper Planes – Jumper  sized



Chocolate Bubbles – All Purpose  sized



Doodle Dots – All Purpose  sized



Crazy Stripes – All Purpose  sized



Cheetah – Pony  sized



Hello Kitty! – Pony  sized



Halloween Vines – All Purpose  sized



Chocolate Stripes – Jumper  sized



Candy Corn – All Purpose  sized



Purple Spiders – All Purpose  sized



Halloween Vines – Jumper  sized



Green Peace – Pony  sized



Camouflage Woods – All Purpose  sized


Fall Owls – All Purpose  sized



Purple Triangles – All Purpose  sized



Fancy Stamps – Jumper  sized



Autumn Leave – Jumper  sized



White Stars – Pony  sized



Circle and a Dot – Pony  sized



Chocolate Bubbles – Pony  sized



If you actually looked all of these and took the time to scroll through this long post, you can read me admit that the picture quality is pretty shitty and does not do justice to the actual saddle pads.  : )

Hope some of these interest you.  We have MANY more fabrics that are in the process of being cut and sewn so be on the look out!!

Thanks for reading, peace and happiness!



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