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So we’ve been working hard on developing a saddle pad cookbook of sorts.   We’ve made 2 so far, one for us as the master copy, and one we dropped off at Arbitrage Tack, the lovely and well equipped tack and consignment shop owned by Randi and Deb, who have graciously agreed to sell our saddle pads!

BookCover    BookHello    BookPages

The book has every fabric that we offer, with actual samples and photographs.  It also has sizings (dressage, pony sized, regular all-purpose) and the ingredients that we have available to make a saddle pad.

FabricPages2    FabricPages`

In addition to the pre-made saddle pads that we have made and are being displayed for purchase at Arbitrage, we also wanted to offer customers the opportunity to design their own saddle pad.  All the fabrics have been glued down to the pages, but the polypropylene samples (used for binding the saddle pad together as well as making the girth straps)  and the border samples (sewn around the entire saddle pad) have been fastened to their pages with velcro.  This allows you to be able to un-velcro the samples and place them next to the fabrics that you are interested in, getting a preview of exactly the color combinations that YOU want!

  border that goes around saddle pad  BuildYourSaddlePad


We will make just about anything though.  If the fabric is not in our book, we’ll find it for you!  If you already have a fabric purchased that you want us to work with, we can do that too.  We are also happy to offer ‘team’ saddle pads, for barns or pony club teams, etc… where you may want several of the same kind made.

Custom orders can still be made through our website as well.  All the same samples that are in the book are also on the website, and you can mix and match colors (don’t forget we can do reversible too) to come up with exactly what you want.  The pre-made ones that we have designed are also available for your purchase.

We are constantly adding new fabrics and welcome suggestions on fabrics you’d like to see.  Just let us know!

Thanks!! : )


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    1. Hi there!! The regular all purpose and oversized all purpose are both $40. Depending on customization, the price can vary, nor does it include shipping. 🙂 Please feel free to contact for any other questions. Thanks -cat

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