Saddle pad sizes and fabric backing!


Just a couple of things I wanted to mention…

We are going to try to stick to the darker or non-cream and white colors for the backing of saddle pads.  If you do specifically prefer the lighter colors, we can still provide that.  The non white colors are better at hiding the dust and dirt that can ‘stain’ the underside of the saddle pad — even after washings.  So we will continue to make the best color choice for the quilted backings and those colors will include: black, dark blue, dark brown and red.  Here is the link for all the quilted fabric backings that we use, Quilted Fabrics!

Reversible saddle pads may or may not have a quilted side, but in general we will stay away from mostly white fabrics.

As for sizing, all pre-made all purpose saddle pads will be slightly larger as well.   To date, our dimensions have been as such:

Length = 19 inches, Width = 25.5 inches, Spine = 21 inches


This is the new larger size we will be moving to:

Length = 20 inches, Width = 28 inches, Spine = 23 inches


This is the compare of the 2 sizes for relativity:


As usual, please feel free to contact me for any questions at  Thanks!

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