Something Festive!!

Hello friends!!

I have some fun holiday fabrics that are ready to transformed into saddle pads!  At this point all of these saddle pads will be made with this bright red quilt for the backing:  

These are the holiday fabrics to select for the outside of the saddle pad:

festivecandy  penguin   rednosedreindeer   Reindeer  snowflakesonred


Festive Candy is a cotton fabric with speckles of glitter frosted throughout; Penguins is a fun cotton fabric; Red Nosed Reindeer is  an adorable non-pill fleece fabric; Reindeer is a cotton fabric with gold reindeer that shimmer; Snowflakes on Red is a humble yet festive cotton fabric, depicting the season.

Binding and girth straps will be hunter green or red depending on the fabric.  The border will be an complimenting shade of green or red, again depending on the fabric.

If there is any interest in one of these before Christmas, please let me know by my Email (  Unfortunately, this site is not fully running yet, but it’s getting there…

Happy Holidays!


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