from me to you…


My first official post for this new website.  I am pretty excited.  I am still slowly figuring out how to use this ‘version’ of WordPress and although I do have a personal WordPress blog of my own ( that I am able to manage, this one is slightly different in flavor, it seems, and I have been presented with small challenges.  I will be resorting to my guru and good friend and host-er to help me along the way.  So please be patient while I figure out the look and feel of this thing.

The only official piece I have to share at this point is my label logo which will be sewn into every finished piece.  The final look you see below was a collaborative effort; Jen came up with the name and I drew the cat.

I have a stack of completed saddle pads that need to be photographed so I can display them on here!  There are elegant and colorful and fun ones; adult (horse sized) and child (pony sized);  I have seasonal ones as well — Halloween, Autumn/Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter, etc.  They come in plain cotton or fleece fabrics and some are even reversible, particularly the seasonal ones.

More to come soon!

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